Friday, November 23, 2007

Another View of The Station Today

Chambless is on the 1931-1973 alignment of Route 66. This building was originally Chambless Camp, built in 1932 by James Chambless. The Camp had a garage, a large canopy out front over the entrance and gas pumps, and cabins. The building was still used in 1993 as the Chambless Market and Gas run by Gus Lizalde (see: Guide to Historic Route 66 in California by Davies and Kuna, 1993, p. 8) July 31, 2005.


Route 66 University said...


I didn't realize you ever ran the place. That'll give us one more thing to talk about when we finally meet up.


chambless junkyard said...

what a dump

Unknown said...

I remember buying ice and beer there when we use to camp down Cadiz road near those big tanks